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  1. Is it possible to write 30 articles in just 30 days?
  2. Is it a good idea to write 30 articles in just 30 days?
  3. Would writing 30 articles in just 30 days help me?
  4. How do I sign up for this opportunity?

Let’s answer all of these questions, starting with the last one. The next 30 Articles in Just 30 Days writing event is:

This class is no longer available.

Access the 30 Articles in Just 30 Days Self-paced, Self-study Program, which is now available! Click here to learn more.


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Consider this:

  • We live in a digital age.
  • People who want information want it now.  Truthfully, they want it RIGHT NOW!
  • Google yourself and your topic—are you on the first page?
  • Would people be able to find out about you and your areas of expertise if they searched for you? If you write articles, you’ll pop up in their searches.

Publishing articles on the internet is a fabulous way to:

  • showcase your expertise;
  • share your knowledge;
  • offer your information to others;
  • provide folks around the globe access to your research;
  • disperse your experience and reflections for other people’s benefit;
  • ensure that others know about your organization or association;
  • and more….

More specifics about the format and what you’ll be receiving are further down this page, but if you’re ready, register now for the upcoming October 14, 2016 class!**  Space is limited and half the spaces are reserved by previous participants who come back for an energizing refresher.

This class is no longer available.

Access the 30 Articles in Just 30 Days Self-paced, Self-study Program, which is now available!  Click here to learn more.

Note: Is publishing articles on the internet as difficult and elaborate as getting articles published in refereed journals? Heck no! Good news! The articles you publish are valuable to others, widely read, and something for you to be proud of doing.

Here’s some of what you will gain in this content-rich tele-coaching event:

  • Instruction on how to write articles (quickly);
  • Structure for creating multiple articles (without a huge amount of muss and fuss);
  • Support for meeting your goals (whether you actually want to write 30 articles in just 30 days, 30 articles in 60 days, or 10 articles in 30 days–whatever it is you have as a goal);
  • Encouragement & coaching on getting your writing DONE (and out the proverbial door!) Participants have had MANY successes over the years!

By participating in “30 Articles in Just 30 Days,” here’s some of what you’ll receive:

  • A four-hour tele-coaching event on Friday, October 14, 2016;
  • A packet of handouts and materials to help you structure your 30 days of article writing;
  • A private Facebook page to share successes, ask questions, and keep you focused and inspired;
  • Follow-up opportunities with Meggin McIntosh (and her special guests, too!)
  • The offer to register for all upcoming 30 Articles *E*vents and save 75%!
  • A brand new way of staying accountable from this day forward!

If you are ready to get your writing underway, register now for the Friday, October 14, 2016 class! Space is limited and half the spaces are reserved by previous participants who come back for an energizing refresher.

This class is no longer available

Access the 30 Articles in Just 30 Days Self-paced, Self-study Program, which is now available!  Click here to learn more.

Here’s what one recent participant said:

My first book, Making Yosemite: James Mason Hutchings and the Origin of America’s Favorite National Park, went into production with the University Press of Kansas. I can’t tell you how happy and proud I am to have accomplished this project. It languished in the nether world of procrastination for nearly a decade and would probably still be there without the “thirty days” seminar.

When I took your seminar, I merely hoped that I could get the thing done and off my desk but in the end I am happy with the quality of the work as well. Much of that is also due to Gini Cunningham, who gave me very valuable feedback on the penultimate draft.

Secondly, Edible Reno-Tahoe editor Amanda Burden recently informed me that my feature article on pine nuts for a Fall issue of the magazine won an in-house award for “best short,” out of over 300 entries from “Edible” magazines nationwide.

I know that you emphasize the quantity of writing that one can produce by adopting the teleseminar’s tips, but my experience is that the quality of my writing has also improved dramatically in the past few years.  I am immensely grateful to you for offering the seminar at such reasonable prices!

Jen A. Huntleysmith, PhD
Independent Scholar, Writer, Consultant
Educational Excellence, Sustainable Communities

How is the 4-hour live tele-coaching event scheduled & structured?

You may be wondering… “4 hours? Am I going to be on the telephone for 4 hours?”

The answer is, “No.” In general terms, here is how the half-day tele-workshop will be scheduled:

Hour 1:

High angle of office desk

Overview, specific schedule for the day, instruction on getting started on your idea generation & writing; actually getting started on your writing for a portion of the time with call-in/email support from Meggin, as needed.

Hour 2:

High angle of office deskAdditional structures for writing multiple articles; ways of getting started (and how to keep going); then writing time with call-in/email support from Meggin, as needed.

Hour 3:

High angle of office desk

Even more structures for how to write many articles in relatively brief periods of time; surprising answers to the question of how to generate the number of words you need for an article; then writing time with call-in/email support from Meggin, as needed.

Hour 4:

High angle of office desk

Now what? Scheduling (YES, SCHEDULING) time after the ‘event’ so that you keep your momentum going; getting others to ‘help’ you follow through on your commitment, Q & A. Does that make a difference?

It absolutely makes a difference!

Another one of our participants said:

When it came to staying on top of my writing commitments, articles, and newsletters, it seemed like I had entered a new level of the ‘professional procrastination’ zone.  Then I received an email from Meggin inviting me to attend her “Thirty Articles in Thirty Days” teleclass….not only did I do the 30 articles, but I did 5 of them that morning during class! I also came up with dozens of topics and titles to be used anytime I had a moment to climb back on the writing train. This made it simple to just jump in and begin writing without all the thinking, planning and procrastinating.  Meggin has designed a structure that works!  Thanks so much!!

Judy Irving | ICF Master Certified Coach |

I took this class two years ago – using it to write 52 ezine articles in 30 days! Those articles became the core for my book that was published the following January. I have now published other books and a number of home study programs—all thanks to what I learned.  The workshop encouraged me to structure my daily schedule so that I could write easily, effectively and productively. If you are trying to focus on writing—for any reason—this is THE CLASS to take.

Marie Gibson |
Author of Smart Books = Smart Business
Marie Gibson Management & Consulting, LLC

And what if you want to write a book or something else besides 30 articles?

As a Productivity Consultant, I am constantly teaching people how to manage their priorities effectively. So the irony wasn’t lost on me with the fact that I wasn’t making progress on my book. After taking Meggin’s course, I am now consistently making time for writing each morning. Meggin taught me how to separate creating from editing, how to generate content ideas and most importantly, how to write a lot. The chapters are really starting to take form and I am thrilled to be closing in on a very important personal goal.

I highly recommend this course for anyone with writing goals – of any kind.

Ann Gomez | Clear Concept, Inc.

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